Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On Roman Holiday

All roads lead to Rome, or so they say. This was the case for me when I traveled to the eternal city to meet my family for Spring Break.* I was lucky to experience Rome for the second time with my sister Katie and my brother-in-law Bob. However, what made this trip extra special was that my sister was pregnant with my beautiful niece. So it wasn't just three best friends experiencing this monumental city; it was four.

Rome is one of those cities that should be an essential on every persons travel to-do list. Between the art, the culture, the food and the wine it really is a must for all travelers young and old. It truly is a sensory overload; there is just so much to see and do that it can be overwhelming. Despite this overload that may occur while in Roma, you just have to push through and try to experience all the history you can. Just look to your trusty map for some guidance if needed (unless you are like us and get your map in the wrong language.)

My personal favorite sight in Rome is the ancient Roman Forum. Layers below the modern city, you have the ability to travel down into living history. While walking through the ruins you cannot help but be filled with wonder and perhaps almost envision the ghosts of famous Romans such as Caesar, Pompey and Cicero.

I also highly suggest the artsy Piazza Navona. The piazza was filled with such elegance and energy.

And no trip to Rome is complete without a trip to the Colosseum! *Queue chanting: MAXIMUS! MAXIMUS! MAXIMUS!*

I really can go on and on about Rome. But the city doesn't need me to advertise for it, Rome can speak for its self. Just go and see the eternal city!

Tanti Baci,

PS: Whenever you are touring Roman ruins, it is CRUCIAL that you take some modeling shots :)

*"Spring Break" in February...Give me a break! More like "Mid-Winter Freeze My Butt Off Break!"


  1. i love you, i love this blog and i loved our trip in ROMA! it was a wonderful trip, and i loved every minute of it:) can't wait for our next adventure-oxoxxoxoxoxooxxooooxxx

  2. Such a great entry! Looks like you Bob, Katie, and Sophie had such a wonderful time soaking up the culture there!