Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Love Affair With London Town

I knew it was love, London, when my easyjet flight touched down on your Anglo-Saxon soil. It was a total rush that came over me, a sense of joy that I had never felt on Italian soil. Even though the mean customs officials at the airport threatened not let me through, my moonstuck feeling couldn't be deterred. I was a sucker for you from square one. Our romance spanned three days and it wasn't enough. At the risk of being extremely tacky and cliche, when I got on the plane to travel back to Italy, my heart started to hurt. Although it may have been the first time I ever visited, I knew immediately that London was my city soul mate.

Bleh. I am so cheesey. But I can't help it, I truly love the place!

In all seriousness, London is fantastic. Few cities can mix such such past grandeur and modern splendor so seamlessly. In many places the mixture seems awkward and forced; like a clash of past eras (The city of Florence is a prime example, it just seems so wrong there.) However, London is able to do it flawlessly which in turn not only makes it beautiful but also makes it vibrant and real. What a lovely place and what a lovely trip. I got to spend some time with a very dear friends of mine and have some much needed rest and fun in a fabulous city. (That's why I lack so many mom photos; I was simply having too much fun in the moment to take tons of photographs! However, below is a silly shot that my friend Ceri got me to take with some awesome London graffiti :-])

Patiently dancing down the conga line until I can return to London,

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  1. I cant wait till i get to go to LONDON with you!!!!!! LOVE you blog ooxoxooxoxoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoo