Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some Beer, Friends & Munchies in München

Good Beer. Good Friends. Good Food. Oh München you never disappoint!

During our traveling-to-France extravaganza, Matt and I spent a night in Munich. I was extremely excited to get to Munich because one of my close friends is studying medicine there. After a particularly hard day of travel, seeing Sabina was such a much needed and very special treat. With the high pressure atmosphere of school and life abroad having the opportunity to get away from it all and see a familiar face was delightful.

And trust me, nothing beats listening to Sabina attempting to learn Italian or me attempting to learn German. Can you say Unhöflich? Or better yet va beannnne?

Munich is such a fun city filled with great food and great sights. So much of the city is flooded opulent architecture that is just breathtaking.

It is a big city and a lot ton take in, but it is definitely worth walking around so you can enjoy the beautiful sights. (Or if you are Matt, get eaten by a giant fish statue.)

No visit to the city is complete without stopping by one of the city's many beer halls. If you want the quintessential Bavarian experience, go to the Hofbräuhaus. It may have its fair share of tourists, but it is also a lively joint where locals stop by to enjoy Ruß'n and Brez'n. Morning, noon or night you cannot help but get carried away with the fun.

Such a special trip to visit a very special and wonderful friend. It will not be soon forgotten!

Viele Küsse,


  1. Such good memories! I have a hankering for some brez'l and a Radler right now. Really glad I was able to fight off the giant fish statue though, it would made for a poor ending to the trip.

  2. Matt--you are just like my boyfriend. While in NYC he pretended to be stuck up the ass of the stock market bull and he couldn't stop laughing about it. Can't wait to meet you. :o)

    Lauren--I'm glad that you had a blast! I bet it was fun to see Beans and the beer and pretzels are always good! <3 I love you! XOXO Great pictures by the way!