Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lovely Ljubljana

I cannot help but feel like every time I head east, I somehow wandered into a fairytale. The capital city of this former Yugoslav state was no exception. Ljubljana, Slovenia was an absolutely picturesque small city.

I could not get over how much the city seemed to sparkle at night. Isn't it divine?

Ljubljana has all of the trappings for an absolutely delightful place: a gorgeous Old Town complete with colorful Austro-Hungarian architecture, a small river with unique bridges that make river walks an adventure and an imposing castle perched on a hilltop. Also if you are of Matt's persuasion, it has just the right amount of former communist flair...and by that I mean big gray cement blocks. Not very pretty if you ask me, but to each his or her own.

One monument that should not be missed is the statue to Sloven Romantic poet and national hero, France Prešeren. Situated in the appropriately named Prešeren Square, you see France Prešeren surveying the landscape of the country he loved so much.

However, what is particularly noteworthy is that across the square is a relief of Julija Primic, his muse and unrequited love. As it was in life, there is both a great distance and an immense closeness between the two.

Ljubljana is truly lovely. If you want to go to somewhere with beautiful sights, kind people, incredible food and even better wine then it is a must.

Tanti Baci,


The castle has some AWESOME nooks and crannies :)

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  1. Oh how completely wonderful you are seeing so many lovely places Lauren. I fell in love with Slovenia --and your are sooo right -- *picturesque* -- the absolute epitome of European charm.

    All the best to you always!